Bridal Robe – Flower Girl


The morning of your wedding wouldn’t be the same without getting ready in style with your girls!

Our Flower Girl bridal robes are a soft, delicate rayon/cotton blend in our favourite shade of blush and finished with a detailed cotton lace trim. So your flower girl can match your bridal party while feeling comfortable and fabulous!


Bridal Robe – Flower Girl

Our Bridal Robe – Flower Girl, is made from a Rayon Cotton blend, which means these robes are amazingly breathable and will dry quickly. This high quality, fabric is soft and beautiful and designed to create the perfect drape.
They are delicate, so require handing washing with care.
If your robes crease, they can be steamed or ironed on a low setting.


One size fits Australian child size 4-10 Length: 73.5cm.

Wide style sleeves are finished with a gorgeous 100% cotton lace.

Matching waist tie included.

Flower Girl bridal robes are the same blush shade as the Bridesmaid robes in our gift store