Must Have Bridesmaid Pics

Bridesmaids in bridal party robes and bridesmaid sashes playing with balloons happily

When I was planning my wedding, there were many “traditions” that my partner and I decided to drop. But the traditions I absolutely could not let go of, were those moments spent with my besties, my Bride Tribe. The champagne breakfast, getting ready for the big day together, walking down the aisle and making sure we all had a proper dance-off after the formalities were done! So many memorable moments to be had with your Bridesmaids and capturing them is essential. So here’s some of our favourite Must Have Bridesmaid Pics!

Bridesmaids and Bride clinking their champagne before wedding
Pic by So Rosie Photography
Custom Glassware by The Bridal Box Co

Pop the Champagne!

It’s so easy to forget to eat enough (aka at all) during the day of your wedding, so make sure you and the Tribe have a breakfast together. We might be biased, but we believe a champagne breakfast is the best start to the day!

Bridal Party in matching pjs

Robes and PJs

If you don’t have matching pj’s or robes are you even a wedding party? It’s a sweet, coordinated touch to get ready together looking like a team! Not sure where you can find beautiful white or blush cotton bridal party robes? *Hint* Click Here.

Finishing Touches

An absolute classic shot – the Bride Tribe gathered around to adjust their hair, fasten the Bride’s buttons or add that necklace as a finishing touch to her look. It’s a pic that positively shouts they’ve got your back and support the Bride endlessly on her big day. Definitely a must have bridesmaid pic!

Exchanging Bridal Boxes

We might be showing our bias just a little bit again, but we absolutely adore those snaps taken of gift exchanging! Whether during the wedding prep morning or thank you’s being delivered during the reception, we love to see the love shared and the looks on your loved ones faces as they receive their custom keepsake gift!

Bride and Bridal Party Bumble and Bloom florist

Showcase Those Florals

Chances are you’ve spent a lot of time planning your bridal bouquets – picking colours and styles and I bet they look absolutely incredible! Give them a little piece of the spotlight, while you capture the bridal party looking like perfection!

bridesmaids gathered around bride laughing and having fun
Pic by Jeremy Budiman

Candid Laughter

What camera? Hopefully, your photographer is the kind that puts everyone at ease, especially when you’re not used to being followed everywhere by that paparazzi while hanging with your friends. Because the candid smiling, laughing and having a blast with your people makes for a timeless shot filled with love.

bridesmaids having fun in brides veil

Let Yo’ Hair Down!

Maybe you’ve got a photobooth for the reception, or a few lawn games for the cocktail hour, whatever the fun plans are, make sure you capture a moment with your bridesmaids being a little silly or crazy. It’ll highlight how much fun your had together on your big day!