Bridesmaid Proposal Picnic

Bridesmaid proposal
Bridesmaid proposal Picnic

Are you thinking of ways you can ask your Bridesmaids to be by your side on your special day? Do you want to ask them in a way that makes them feel special and let them know just how much they mean to you? Because lets face it, they’ve been there through thick and thin for you. Through the good times and the not so good – the break up’s, the bad hairstyle’s and the rest!

Sometimes your closest girlfriends live on the other side of the world and it’s a matter of asking her over the phone. But if your one of the lucky one’s and have your gal pal’s near you why not spoil them with a little picnic that’s relaxing and in beautiful surrounds.

The older you get in life you truly realise how important having your best friends in your life is. Even though you may not see or speak to them every day or week for that matter, knowing that when you are together again  – it’s like it was yesterday that you last spent time together.

A few weeks ago we put together a Bridesmaid proposal picnic styled shoot with a few very talented local Gold Coast vendors. We’d love to hear how you proposed to your bridesmaids or if you have been the bridesmaid that’s been proposed too.

Styled Shoot Team

Coordination & Bridal Boxes @thebridalboxco
Event Stylist @lovenwishesstyledevents
Florist @franklyandtheflowers
Photographer @atomicbutterfly_photography
Videographer @nsiproductions
Clothing @the_bohemian_club
Sweet Treats @two_little_cupcakes
Jackets @hideandrose
Platter @conkandco
Hair @hsk_hair
Makeup @majormakupandhair
Signage @bearartdesign
Candles @drifttradingco
Models @conkandco @jessicatonkin1 @gold_coast_musings @bruna_bidoia


Bridesmaid proposal

Bridesmaid proposal

Bridesmaid proposal

Bridesmaid proposal

Bridesmaid proposal

Bridesmaid proposal

10 Wedding Trends for 2018

Bride & Groom

Photo Credit: Bulb Creative

10 Wedding Trends for 2018 from the team @ The Bridal Box Co.

There are so many incredible new trends emerging for weddings in 2018 and we have created our top 10 wedding trends for you. From welcome boxes to what is hitting the runway, we hope you find some inspiration amongst our most-wanted list.


  1. Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 – Ultra Violet

 Love it or hate it, the Pantone Colour of the Year, ultra violet is going to be seen strongly this year through bouquets, bridesmaid dresses, reception décor etc. A dramatic shade, it is original and desirable and is the colour to watch for all wedding designs in 2018. “The Pantone Colour of the Year has come to mean so much more than ‘what’s trending’ in the world of design; it’s truly a reflection of what’s needed in our world today.” – Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Colour Institute.


  1. Welcome Boxes

 The personalised wedding box is proving to be a huge hit already for 2018, by showering guests in appreciation by giving them a one-of-a-kind welcome box.  Think bonbonerie’s but bigger and more thoughtful. This is a fresh take on a traditional token gift and one that is going to make an impact. The most popular are personalised boxes that are filled with wine, flowers, candles, personal notes and wedding information for every guest to enjoy. Very popular for destination weddings to show gratitude for guests travelling so far.


  1. Moveable feasts

 Looking for something original, memorable and fun, then check out food trucks as one of the hottest 10 wedding trends for 2018. Food trucks and food installations offer a unique dining experience and are replacing the traditional sit-down dinner for a more entertaining and interactive option.


4. Copper

Rose gold was a huge hit in previous years and this has now moved onto the new element being copper. It is the perfect accompaniment to accentuate an industrial look and can be integrated into both the ceremony and reception through tea lights, cups, cutlery, flower vessels and lanterns to name a few. Copper is one design element to watch for 2018.


  1. Fun Dessert Tables

Fun dessert tables are continuing to be a hit in 2018 with one of the favourites being a donut wall, instead of the traditional cake. The donut wall is the wedding décor that has never been sweeter, and features as a vertical donut stand that you can colour coordinate, you can shape into your initials or even integrate flowers into the donut wall. The possibilities are endless with this fun snack stand.

  1. Hanging Floral Installations

 This is a trend that has already been very stylish in 2017 and continues to dominate the most stylish weddings in 2018.  Hanging flowers or greenery above tables create a unique dynamic to a space and also gives more room on tables if you’re choosing big sharing plates. Think timber, metal, copper and twig features throughout the hanging flower installations for an inspiring WOW factor.


  1. Cutting the Guest List

One trend we are beginning to see more of is the culling of the guest list. Smaller and more intimate weddings are making a come-back, with couples choosing to invite only family and friends that they are close with, as opposed to having a large, lavish wedding with guests that they haven’t seen in years (if ever)! Couples are choosing to use their hard earned money for their honeymoon, house deposit, holidays etc.


  1. Guest books reworked

Having a traditional guest book is always a lovely sentiment, however 2018 is showcasing inspired ways to capture guests’ well wishes. Some of the trends we are seeing are thumb print paintings and signed surfboards and we are sure to see a wave of new and innovative guest books in 2018.


  1. Proposing to your bridesmaid

 There are so many fun and unique ways to “pop the question” to your bridesmaid and this is an emerging trend for 2018. Gift boxes given over a champagne brunch or hand delivered to the bridesmaid door with a sweet personalised note saying that they can’t say I do without them, is a wonderful way to begin the wedding planning journey.

One of our favourites at the Bridal Box is the Bella Bridesmaid gift box and can found be here:

Bridesmaid Proposal
Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Boxes
  1. Wedding Dress Trends

 There are a plethora of new trends hitting the Bridal Fashion Week runway in 2018, however some of our absolute favourite trends are the princess capes, cascading ruffles, sheer corsets and the fabulous statement bows. Simply divine and such statement pieces.


2018 is already proving to have some standout wedding trends and this top 10 list from the team at The Bridal Box is a glimpse of what is to come.  To find out more and to read more of our wedding blogs, please visit


Bride To Be Blog- with Chanel Nouanrasy

Bride and Groom
Allen Garcia & Chanel Nouanrasy


Chanel got engaged in November last year and caught our eye after she won a loop giveaway we were participating in. She is ALL about the details, has great taste, captures her engagement with Allen beautifully through social media  and just by following her beautiful Instagram feed @chanelnouanrasy  we can tell her favourite colour is pink! Needless to say we think we have a girl crush..
Recently we sat down with Bride-to-be from Sydney to talk all things weddings like her romantic proposal, her wedding planning and how she popped the question to her bridesmaids and it’s the cutest we’ve heard so far!


The BRIDAL BOX Co: When is your wedding date and how long is your engagement?

Chanel: Our wedding is in November 2018, we would have then had a 2 year engagement.

The BRIDAL BOX Co: Tell us about the proposal? Did you see it coming, or were you super surprised?

Chanel: No I didn’t! He caught me by complete surprised and kept the ring with my Maid of Honour. We went glamping in Glenworth Valley for our 10 year dating anniversary and he popped the questioned by the fireplace. It was very secluded and romantic!

The BRIDAL BOX Co: How did you go finding your dream wedding dress?

Chanel: Haven’t found it just yet but I’m really excited for upcoming fittings!

Bridesmaid Gift
Bridesmaid Gift by Chanel Nouanrasy

The BRIDAL BOX Co: Where are you having your ceremony?

Chanel: We’re thinking of having a cute little garden ceremony.

The BRIDAL BOX Co: Where are you having your reception?

Chanel: Possibly in Camden, Moss Vale or Byron Bay.

The BRIDAL BOX Co: How many people are invited?

Chanel: We’re planning on having a small intimate wedding with about 60-70 people.

The BRIDAL BOX Co: What is the theme/colours of your wedding?

Chanel: Blush pink, white and gold.

The BRIDAL BOX Co: How many bridesmaids are you having and how did you select who they would be?

Chanel: I have three bridesmaids. My best friend as my Maid of Honour because she’s been there through thick and thin. We tell each other everything! My sister who’s always been supportive and my cousin who I share my fondest childhood memories with.

The BRIDAL BOX Co: How did you ask them to be your bridesmaids?

Chanel: I surprised all of them individually;

Maid of Honour- We were playing the game “speak out” with the mouth pieces. I pretended to read a card asking her “Will you be my maid of honour?” She understood what I said but didn’t realise I was actually asking her!

Cousin- I made a “Will you be my bridesmaid” mug and dropped it off to the barrister before we met up for coffee. I waited for her to receive her order in her mug. She was so surprised and excited!

Sister- I came out with a card and a “Will you be my bridesmaid” candle in a gown at my first wedding dress fitting.

The BRIDAL BOX Co: What did you fill your bridal boxes with?

Chanel: A candle, nail polish, beautiful soap, customised shot glass, customised hair tie and a DIY inspo booklet (with photos and details about our big day, their dresses and their roles).

Bridesmaid Gift IdeasBridesmaid Gifts by Chanel Nouanrasy

The BRIDAL BOX Co: Who/what will they be wearing?

Chanel: A simple floor length pinky coloured dress.

The BRIDAL BOX Co: Do you have any advice for other Bride-to-be’s planning their own wedding?

Chanel: Keep an eye out for inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest. Keep a little planner to note down ideas and plans. Involve your fiancé and your bridal party!

The BRIDAL BOX Co: Is there anything or anyone that has really stood out in making the wedding planning easier for you so far?

Chanel: My fiancé and KIKKI K wedding planner!

The BRIDAL BOX Co: Have you got any plans for your honeymoon?

Chanel: Hoping to go to France and Italy, possibly Greece as well for a little Europe trip!


Order your Bridal Boxes in time for your wedding!


Bridesmaid Gifts
Bridesmaid Gifts by Chanel Nouanrasy













A Gift for him – Boudoir Photography

boudoir shoot
If you’re thinking about giving your fiancé a surprise gift on the morning of, or leading up to your wedding, one option to consider should be a little black box filled with a gold key unveiling some of the most sexy images he has ever seen of you!

Not for the faint-hearted! Indulging in a Boudoir shoot is not only about creating stunning and sexy images of yourself, it’s about reinvigorating yourself as a woman and seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes.

Brisbane based Boudoir photographer Stephanie Bowers is one of the best in the business. As you go through the shoot you can see how she is very passionate about inspiring and empowering women of any age and size, and bringing out your most sensual, vulnerable, and feminine side.

Stephanie Bowers Boudoir Photo
Stephanie Bowers Boudoir Photography

Speaking from experience, after I was given a sneak peak of my images, I was completely blown away that I could look this…. Well… hot! It wasn’t images of some model, it was ME! *insert hair flick

I have a newfound appreciation for myself and it was an investment I will never forget nor regret.

Boudoir photography is about empowering women who want to feel beautiful, sexy and desired.  Stephanie says “many clients have said that their boudoir photography experience was one of the best days of their lives and changed the way they saw themselves”.

“It was lots and lots of fun! Definitely an experience every woman should have for themselves. Who doesn’t want to feel beautiful and the centre of attention for once? It was great to experience something that was all about me, not my one year old, not my husband – just all about me and my beautiful body.

All of your photos are beautiful Steph and don’t have that cliche lingerie photo shoot feel. As soon as I met you, I felt like I was completely comfortable in a safe environment, and for some reason instantly trusted in you. All I can say to someone who is considering doing a boudoir shoot? DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! But only if it is with Steph!”

Stephanie Bowers Boudoir Photographer
Stephanie Bowers Boudoir Photographer

To contact Stephanie to arrange & discuss your own Boudoir Shoot email or visit here

The nitty gritty on choosing your Bridesmaids

Photo Credit: Pinterest
So, he (finally) popped the question, and you haven’t been able to wipe the smile off your face, nor stop showing off that beautiful engagement ring he bought you.

But things can sometimes get stressful once you start getting into the nitty gritty of selecting your bridesmaids. I think secretly most non-engaged women have had the thought maybe once or twice for when the time came they got engaged, who they would ask to be by their side. Now that time has come for you, and you may possibly be filled with anxiety over who you want to choose and who is expecting to be chosen.

It comes down to numbers

Firstly, think about how many bridesmaids you ideally want to have. How big is your wedding guest list going to be? Is your wedding very traditional and formal or super relaxed and casual. If you were having a wedding with approximately 50-60 guests and were looking at having 6 bridesmaids it could possibly look a bit over kill.

Nearest & Dearest

Think about who is closest to you. Write down a wish list and cross check it with your fiance’s list (yes, it’s a good idea to let him have some input too). See if the numbers line up or if you need to start culling. This is where you need to think about your closest family members vs your besties. Remember that family will always be there in 10 and 20 years, friends (no matter how close at the time) do come and go out of our lives sometimes.


Now as you are finding out weddings need a lot of preparation and planning, and you need people you can trust to help take some of the weight off you and remind you that it’s a very fun and exciting time of your life. Your Maid/Matron of Honour needs to be someone you can rely on as she is usually the Brides right hand woman and her duties are to organise your Hens day/night (or lets be honest – weekend!). The Maid of Honour helps you with decision making leading up to the big day  and ensures the little things on your wedding day morning are running on time. . she also needs to bring your Bridesmaids into line if need being. And these are just a couple!

Bride and Bridesmaids
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Think about your needs and expectations, do you want them available every weekend? Is it going to reduce your anxiety knowing they are only a few minutes away or if they are in another city or state, will this impact on your planning. You also need to factor in what they have going on in their own life. Do they have a stressful job? Are they trying to have a baby or engaged themselves?

It’s Not Easy

Choosing your bridal party can be a total headache these days. My best friend recently had so much anxiety over selecting her bridesmaids from her large bunch of amazing friends & family, she was really nervous at putting a label on her friendships and though she had a close friendship with a lot of different girlfriends, there were just too many to choose from and she didn’t want to hurt anyone and make them feel lessor of a friend than another. As her hubby to be was having similar issues and to prevent it from getting way out of hand they decided to get married with no bridal party at all. Their nearest & dearest will still be a part of their pre-wedding planning & activities but with no formal titles and no favourites.

Your family & friends can definitely force some decisions onto you whether you like it or not, and who you choose can sometimes have repercussions. Hopefully at the end of the day your loved ones will understand your choices and be nothing but thrilled for this exciting time in your life.

So to help you make your fine selection of Bridesmaids, we leave you with some very wise words from the one and only Sarah Jessica Parker “Best friends are like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.”

Blush Bridesmaids
Photo Credit: Pinterest